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dSHIFT CRM Lite is a powerful solution for managing customer and lead information. By building on the superior knowledge-sharing and document management capabilities of Office 365, CRM Lite offers a cloud-based, consolidated information repository for all of your customer information. Team members in different offices or geographic locations can access the same customer sales and support information, eliminating duplicate or inconsistent data.


Built on Office 365

CRM Lite extends the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Online, taking advantage of this fast, customizable, secure and reliable cloud platform.

Core CRM

dSHIFT CRM Lite contact management features make it easy to keep track of contacts’ information. Maintaining a record of each interaction between a customer and your team eliminates needless communication gaps and boosts customer satisfaction.


Keep a close eye on business opportunities with CRM Lite lead management features. Easily promote leads to deals, and close sales faster.

Customer Support

Respond to customer issues in a flash. Open support cases to track and resolve customers’ concerns. Quickly review customers’ previous requests with consolidated case histories.



Events and Tasks

CRM Lite Calendar and Task tools bring order to your outstanding action items. Know what needs to be done, and when. Assign tasks to team members and schedule meetings and other activities with customers.

Document Management

Consolidate customers’ documents in a single view. CRM Lite cloud-based document storage grants your team access, wherever they are.

Insightful Reporting

Dozens of pre-built reports present your critical business information with clarity. The “My Items” and “Recent Activity” panels help you focus on top-priority information.


The CRM Lite dashboard is a single, configurable screen that acts as your customer information touchstone, capable of providing summarized progress reports, upcoming tasks and events, and other mission-critical information.



Outlook Integration

Keep track of each customer’s email correspondence automatically. Sync your contacts, calendar and tasks.

Search and Filter

With its advanced search capabilities, dSHIFT CRM Lite finds the customer and sales information you need. Powerful data filters help you zero-in on records that match your specified criteria.

Highly Customizable

Harness the power of SharePoint Online and fine-tune CRM Lite to fit your organization. Sort, filter and view your data the way you need to.

Grows with You

Start with just the business processes you need and add more advanced modules to enhance functionality.

Import Existing Data

Get up and running quickly by importing your existing customer data from other applications and avoid time-consuming manual re-entry.